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【GB】WIND X98 R2 Southpaw Keyboard

【GB】WIND X98 R2 Southpaw Keyboard

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Price:Wired $320, Bluetooth $335

Group Buy Date: 28th Dec 2023 to 11th Jan 2024

Group Buy Payment: On our vendor list according to your country address.

All parts are compatible (ect pcb,plate,foam)between normal keyboard and southpaw keyboard, except top upper case.So if you buy southpaw keyboard and an extra normal top upper case, then it can change to a normal keyboard.

Hotswap PCB also support enter left and enter right two layouts(include two numpad pcbs).

Check normal keyboard link 

Check extra part link

WIND X98 R2 all parts are not compatible with WIND X98 R1.

wind x98 r2 extra accessories price

Check this link to buy

Wired Hotswap PCB: $20/pcs

Bluetooth Hotswap PCB: $35/pcs

Soldered PCB: $20/pcs

Foam Kit: $10/pcs

PC Plate: $15/pcs

ALU Plate: $15/pcs

FR4 Plate: $15/pcs

Brass Plate: $25/pcs

PC Front Accent Piece: $10/pcs

Brass Front Accent piece: $10/pcs

X logo: $20/pcs

Square Logo: $20/pcs

Brass Weight: $35/pcs

X Shape logo Normal Top Upper Case: $65/pcs

Square Shape logo Normal Top Upper Case: $65/pcs

X Shape logo Southpaw Top Upper Case: $65/pcs

Square Shape logo Southpaw Top Upper Case: $65/pcs

wind x98 r2 package include

  • X98 keyboard case(top case/bottom case)
  • 1.6mm No Flex Cut PCB Optional
  • 1.5mm PC Plate
  • PC front accent piece
  • X PVD logo or Square logo
  • Foam kit(1mm poron + 2mm poron + 2mm hotswap foam + 0.5mm IXPE sheet + 3.5mm poron)
  • Gateron stabilizers set(6*2U, 1*6.25U)
  • Brass weight
  • User guide
  • Accessories Bag
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You can experience both normal and southpaw keyboard by replacing top case.

You can build ANSI or ISO hotswap layout freedom,no need to solder sockets, only need to change the direction of switches.

PC front accent pieces for those who want a CAPS indicator light. You can buy extra brass piece if you do not want caps light. The light can change or turn off on VIAL(bluetooth pcb change on LDN).

Split pcb and plate,1.6mm no flex cut pcb with 1.5mm plate, bring comfortable typing experience.

Wind X98 R2 Keyboard Feature:

  • Provide streamlined and familiar typing experience with 2U 0 key.
  • Visual symmetry by keeping the arrow keys level with the rest of the board.
  • 3 customizable keys on the left side of numpad
  • A PVD logo brings more visual enjoyment
  • Top mount ,Plate gasket mont

WIND X98 R2 Keyboard Specification:

  • Size: 40.75*14.4*3.6cm
  • 7° Typing angle
  • 65% + Numpad + F Row
  • TOP mount and Plate gasket mount design
  • Price:Wired $320,Bluetooth $335
  • PCB:1.6mm no flex cut black core board fr4.
  • Case material:E-White+E-Pink(6063Alu, cataphoresis), E-White+E-White(6063Alu, cataphoresis), Creamy white(6063Alu, cataphoresis)+Brown 7584u(6063Alu, anodized), Black+Black(6063Alu, anodized), Grey 416U+Blue 288U (6063Alu, anodized), Semitransparent(PC)
  • Plate: 1.5mm
  • WIND X98 R2 Bluetooth PCB polling rate: 1000hz in wired mode,800hz in bluetooth mode.
  • WIND X98 R2 Bluetooth PCB Latency Rate:1.25ms
  • WIND X98 R2 Wired Polling Rate: 1000hz
  • Wired pcb support VIAL, bluetooth pcb support LDN(with 3000mah battery)

  • Support enter left and enter right on southpaw.(Include two numpad pcbs)

Customer Reviews

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Eugene Li
My first Wind product

This is my first Wind product and my first keyboard above $300. I didn’t hear anything from Wind after purchasing, but they were updating us in their discord. To my surprise, it arrived earlier than I had expected. On their page, it said between 3-6 months. It arrived within 3 months. It came before the build guide was released. Luckily, the keyboard was really easy to build, so I didn’t have much trouble. After assembly, I had some trouble with my “Win” key, but after getting some help from the discord, it was quickly resolved (user error). Overall, I’m very satisfied with the keyboard. It sounds great, looks great and feels premium. It plugs and play into VIAL, so there isn’t any fiddliness with sideloading. The stabilizers are easily tuned and I haven’t had any ticking or rattliness. The packaging was amazing too! If Wind Studio comes up with another unique layout, I could easily see myself purchasing from them again.