WIND X98 R2 Normal or Southpaw

Experience both normal and southpaw keyboard by replacing top case.

Build ANSI or ISO hotswap layout freedom,no need to solder sockets, only need to change the direction of switches.

Split pcb and plate,1.6mm no flex cut pcb with 1.5mm plate, bring comfortable typing experience.

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WIND X R2 Instock

Wind X lay out can be simplified as 65% with numpad.Provide streamlined and familiar typing experience with 2U 0 key.

Visual symmetry by keeping the arrow keys level with the rest of the board.

3 customizable keys on the left side of numpad instead of F row, keeping functionality while saving space.

Quick release design, making stabilizer tuning a breeze.

Split PCB design with daughterboard numpad to improve typing experience.

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