• Multi layout

    Big layout, 2U 0 for good working keyboard. Special hotswap layout support different requirements.

    Solered available at GB sale.

  • New design PCB

    Was hollowed as much as possible and the thickness of PCB will be 1.2mm which makes the typing feel more soft and comfortable, PCB material fr4 to maintain more consistency and balance.

  • Top and gasket mount plate

    Available at GB.Silicone gaskets makes the keyboard have a more comfortable cushioning (nicer flex), which is easier to install and replace. Brass/Alu/FR4/CF/PC plate variety

  • Bluetooth PCB 5.0

    Can connect 8 devices and quickly switch with shortcut keys. Plug the cable then use the keyboard in wired mode automatically if that's what you prefer.

  • Include battery for BLE

    Include a 3000mah battery install in the keyboard kit when choose bluetooth hotswap pcb. The battery should last 2-3 months between charge under normal use

  • All pieces assembled

    WIND X98 comes all pieces alreadly assembled incclude lubed gateron ink stabilizers. You only need to install switch and keycap once you receive.