[GB Sale] WIND X R2 Keyboard Kit For Normal Version

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There will be some extras, expected to be available about 3 months.

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GB date(ended): Feb 3rd to March 3rd 2023

GB Payment:

USA: https://keebsforall.com/

Canada:  https://www.ashkeebs.com/

Korea: https://www.monstargears.com/

Vietnam: https://thekeebs.store/






Australia:  https://www.switchkeys.com.au/

Europe:  https://keygem.com/

United Kingdom:  https://keebcats.co.uk/

Taiwan: https://discord.gg/expensivekeyboard



The extra part price:

Wired hotswap PCB/ Wired soldered PCB: $25/pcs

Bluetooth hotswap PCB (include 3000mahbattery): $40/pcs

PC,POM,ALU,CF,FR4 plate: $20/pcs

Brass, Stainless Steel colored PVD plate: $40/pcs

Additional Top upper and lower case: $95/pcs

Additional Bottom case: $72/pcs

PC, Brass, PVD front accent piece: $10/pcs

Brass, PVD weight: $68/pcs

Foam kit: $10/pcs

Artisan keycap: $25/pcs


An keyboard kit include:

1x Top upper and lower case

1x Bottom case

1x PCB of your choice

1x plate of your choice

1x front accent piece of your choice

1x back weight of your choice

1x foam kit

1x accessories bag (include gaskets, screws, type c, spanners, bumpons)

1x free artisan keycap

Our product shipping:

·Instock/extras shipping: It will ship your order within 1-3 business days of payment.

·Group buy shipping: Custom items usually take a longer shipping time, approximately 3-6 months, to reach the customer.