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Group Buy Date: 19th Sep to 19th Oct 2023(ended)

Group Buy Payment: On our vendor list according to your country address.


Note: It does not include any stabilzers,keycaps,switches for this keyboard kit when you receive this keyboard.

The formula image in the round part on the semitransparent bottom case will also be filled oil as other CNC case,pls note this, since the prototype we send that is without oil filled.

wind sin65 build manual

Sin65 build Instructions 
1.Install the round rubber feet into the bottom case.
2.Install the weight.
3.Install weight with M2X4 screws
4.Install type c daughterboard into bottom case with M2X5 screws.
5.Put battery foam into battery slot for wired version.
   Put battery into battery slot and connect battery with type c daughterboard for bluetooth version.
6.Install silicone stand holder into the bottom case.
7.Put 1mm case foam into case(depend on your favourite).
8.Put 2mm hotswap foam into case into case((depend on your favourite).
9.Install pcb stabilizer, install standoffs with M2X3 screws.
10.Put 0.5mm IXPE sheet,3.5mm foam onto PCB
     (Need to replace 5mm foam instead of 3.5mm if you want to build plateless mount,only support plateless mount on soldered pcb)
11. Put on the plate
12.Fixed the plate with M2X3 screws
13. TOP mount or Gasket mount build
① Top mount build
Stick the silicone part onto the plate
Fixed the internal structure into top case with M2X5 screws
②Gasket mount build
Stick gasket onto PCB
14.Connect pcb with type c daughterboard
15.Fixed top case and bottom case with M2.5X8 screws.

wind sin65 package include

TOP Case + Bottom Case + PCB + PC plate + alu plate + Foam Kit(1mm Poron+2mm hotswap +IXPE sheet+3.5mm poron) + Weight + accessories (With battery if choose bluetooth pcb)

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Source of inspiration

Speaking of sin, everyone is familiar with it. The Sinx formula Graph has been used in our mathematics learning throughout our school days. The image of the sinx formula Graph is a beautiful wavy curve, Centered on the origin of the X-axis and Y-axis,it extends upwards and downwards, forming a wavy shape that resembles peaks and valleys. Speaking of this, if you haven't been in touch with friends who forgot the sin formula for a long time, the image of the function will definitely appear in your mind, oh, it turned out to be this, remember it.

Sin65 Keyboard Feature:

  • Separates the ESC key from the main key area, effectively reducing the risk of accidental touch.
  • The curved surface CNC of side case is convenient to move and give finger warm place.
  • Cornered edges on the black pvd weight,make color more vision.
  • Top mount ,PCB gasket mont(soldered pcb support plateless )

Sin65 Keyboard Specification:

  • Size: 33.6*12*3.35cm
  • 7° Typing angle
  • 65% Layout
  • TOP mount and PCB gasket mount design
  • Price:Wired $288,Bluetooth $308
  • PCB:1.6mm black core board fr4. Wired hotswap, bluetooth hotswap, wired soldered available
  • Case material:
    Black, grey 445C,orange 1655C (6063Alu,anodized)
    Off-white,Green(6063Alu, cataphoresis)
  • Plate: 1.5mm PC and alu plate both provide
  • SIN65 Bluetooth PCB polling rate: 125hz
  • SIN65 Wired Polling Rate: 1000hz
  • Wired pcb support VIAL, bluetooth pcb support LDN(with 4400mah battery)

Sin65 Keyboard Build Photo