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[IC] WIND X80 Keyboard Kit

[IC] WIND X80 Keyboard Kit

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wind x80 is the fourth project under our X series.It still continues the consistent design language of the X series,a minimalist concept that is simple and attractive, and is given new elements and designs to make every line of the keyboard simple but not simple and more personalized.

IC Details:


  • Layout: 80% F13 TKL, WK/WKL
  • Typing Angle:7 degrees
  • Dimensions: 364.6mm x 140mm x 36.1mm
  • Material: 6063 aluminum case,aluminum/mirror stainless steel PVD weight block and front accent piece,brass/copper/mirror stainless steel PVD weight bar.
  • Mount: PCB Gasket Mount, Plate Gasket Mount,Sandwich Mount
  • Gasket Mount Plate: 1.5mm, FR4,PC,ALU
  • Sandwich Mount Plate: Aluminum, 1.5mm,9 colors available.
  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum
  • PCB: : Non Flex Cut,1.6mm Thickness,Wired Hotswap, Tri-mode Hotswap (4400mAh Battery, 2.4g/bluetooth/wired),Soldered PCB
  • Polling Rate: Wired 1000Hz,Tri-mode(1000HZ in 2.4G and wired,125HZ in bluetooth)
  • Software Support:Wired on VIAL,Tri-mode on VIA

Vendor list

Package include

1*Top and bottom case

1*Middle frame(for gasket mount)

1*Front accent piece

1*Weight Block

1*Weight Bar


2*Type-c daughterboard

1* Plate for gasket mount

1*Foam kit

1*Accessories bag

1*User guide

1*Carry bag


You need to buy extra sandwich mount plate if you want to build sandwich mount.

Build Manual

View full details
  • WIND X80 Keyboard Size

  • PCB Layout

  • Sandwich Mount

  • PCB Gasket mount and Plate gasket mount