【IC&GB】WIND Z75 Keyboard Kit

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Sale info:
Price:Wired $365, Bluetooth $385((rounded edges increase manufacturing costs))
Group buy dates:28th June to 12th July 2023
Sale Method: group buy payment on our vendor list, time limited but no quantity limit, please pay attention to announcement
Delivery dates: 4-6 months after group buy ends
Package include:
Top case
Lower case
Bottom case
Front metal keys X2
Side weight strip X2
Z Logo back weight X2
Battery case cover X2
Z logo front diffuser X1
Type-c daughterboard
Foam kit

Material Info
Case material: 6063 ALU
Mounting Style: plate gasket mount
PCB material: black core board fr4, 1.6mm
PCB Modes: Wired hotswap, Bluetooth hotswap, Wired soldered
Plate: 1.5mm POM or 1.6mm aluminum
Kit weight: about 2.3kg, excluding switches and keycaps
Measurements: 36.5*16.64*4.18cm
Typing Angle: 7 degrees
Back weight blocks: Black and silver PVD

Extra price
Wired hotswap pcb: $30
Bluetooth hotswap pcb: $50
Solered PCB: $30
Foam kit:$10
POM plate:$25
ALU plate:$25

Unlike the narrow border design of the previous series, the Z75 uses a large border design with rounded side profiles,which looks softer and smoother

The transition between the upper and lower case is rounded, giving it a smoother feel. The interspersed upper, lower and bottom shell structure highlights
the waistline while avoiding bulkiness. In addition, the waistline extends to meet the curve of the front edge, creating a small notch that adds to its aesthetic appeal.

The entire back panel is also a 20-degree slope design, with curved small slopes on both sides connecting with the straight lines of the foot pads,
which is simple yet comfortable.

Finally, the weight on the back and the logo on the front are both composed of two rings, which combine to form the letter Z, hence the name of this kit, Z75.
The Z logo is also a CAPS indicator light, and the light can cycle freely.


With a round large border, it is 36.4cm long and 16.64cm wide, weighing approximately 6 pounds (including switches and keycaps). It feels heavy in your hand.
The 20mm front edge height and slanted design not only conform to ergonomics but also provide a comfortable typing experience for extended periods of time,
 as well as better aesthetics.

For internals, we are sticking with gasket mount. The PCB has single-mode and dual-mode options and is equipped with two battery compartments allowing for
a capacity of 5000mAh. It not only extends the symmetrical beauty visually but also improves battery life. The single-mode PCB supports both VIA and VIAL
key customization, and you can use VIAL without downloading firmware. The dual-mode PCB still uses the LDN and can connect up to eight Bluetooth devices
with one-click switching.

This kit moves away from the popular flex cuts. There will be no flex cuts for the pcb and plate, providing a new experience for everyone.We provide two types of plates with significant differences in material: POM and aluminum. For others who would like plates with other materials or flex cuts, we will provide design files later on.

Based on experience of previous products, the battery connection interface of this kit is connected to the TYPE C daughter board instead of PCB for
easier installation and removal.

PPCB layout

Back weight blocks: Black and silver PVDBack weight blocks: Black and silver PVD


Side Weight strip: Black and silver PVD