【GB Sale】WIND X98 Keyboard Kit

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The GB details:

Date: 19th August  to 19th   September

GB Payment will be on our vendor site, if your location is not within the following vendor areas, then you can do the GB payment on this link when GB start.

United States and Canada:  https://www.ashkeebs.com/

Korea:  https://www.monstargears.com/46

Vietnam: https://thekeebs.store/



Singapore: https://hexkeyboards.com/



Australia:  https://www.switchkeys.com.au/

Europe:   https://mykeyboard.eu/

United Kingdom:  https://keebcats.co.uk/

Note: It is better not to choose brass and alu plate for bluetooth hotswap pcb since it will affect the bluetooth signal.

Shipping: About 4-6 months

Quantity: No limited quantity, but limited time

The shipping price depends on different vendors.


The extra accessories price:

1*Wired hotswap PCB:  $35

1*Wired soldered PCB: $35

1*Bluetooth hotswap PCB include battery: $65

1*1.5mm pc plate: $25

1*1.5mm alu plate: $25

1*1.5mm carbon fiber plate: $25

1*1.5mm fr4 plate: $25

1*1.5mm brass plate: $45

1*foam kit:$15

Note: without keycap

Check extra accessories link: 


Package includes(all pieces assembled):

  • X98 keyboard case(top case/middle case/bottom case)
  • 1.2mm PCB optional
  • 1.5mm plate optional
  • Stand foot x4pcs
  • USB Type C Daughterboard x 2PCS ( 1pcs spare)
  • X PVD logo
  • Silicone gasket
  • Spare Screws + 1.5MM/2.0MM hexagonal wrench
  • Foam kit(1mm poron + 2mm poron + 2mm hotswap foam + 0.5mm IXPE sheet + 3.5mm poron)
  • Gateron ink stabilizers already lubed assembled on the PCB( only include 6*2U, 1*6.25U)
  • Brass weight(back)
  • Brass piece(front)
  • User guide