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【Extras】Plate pcb foam For Wind X98 R1

【Extras】Plate pcb foam For Wind X98 R1

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WIND X98 extra accessories for GB

All extras are not compatible with wind x98 r2.

Wind x98 wired pcb: 18pcs

Wind x98 bluetooth pcb: 40pcs

Wind x98 soldered pcb: 10pcs

Wind x98 foam kit: 20pcs

Top&gasket 1.5mm pc plate: 10pcs 

Top&gasket 1.5mm alu plate: 5pcs

Top&gasket 1.5mm cf plate: 8pcs

Top&gasket 1.5mm fr4 plate: 3pcs

Top&gasket 1.5mm brass plate: 3pcs

·INSTOCK SHIPPING: It will ship your order within 1-3 business days of payment.
·GROUP BUY SHIPPING: It will take about 3-6 months after the group buy for the items to be shipped to customers.

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Customer Reviews

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Excelent Product

I'm giving 5 stars to this product because it is excellent, somehow better than the original PCB I received with my Windx. It has better sound, the PCB is not split, and it seems less flexible, which is good. My only negative point goes to the shipment method and its transit time. I understand it has a battery and should be shipped by ground, but they charge us for the fast delivery service and send it by ground, which is not good.

Wanlada Pumpaisalchai

【Extras】Plate pcb foam For Wind X98