Why we need to have a customized mechanical keyboard?


Hello, friends! In the last blog, I introduced the main structure and connection types of customized mechanical keyboards. Many people have expressed concerns about the high cost of customized keyboards. Is it really necessary to get one? This time, I will continue to explain why we should have a customized mechanical keyboard.

Customized keyboards come in various types, shapes, and designs. Some are purely for aesthetic appeal, some prioritize practicality, while others focus on ergonomics. They are not just keyboards; they can also be considered trendy toys or even collectible figures and models. In addition to satisfying the needs of keyboard enthusiasts, these keyboards can also fulfill their psychological desires and enhance their hands-on skills.

The purpose of economic development is to enable humans to move beyond pure utility, allowing ordinary people to pursue a higher quality of life and possess more aesthetically pleasing items to a certain extent. The internet has connected keyboard enthusiasts from all over the world. Through the exchange of written communication, we have achieved the highest level of mutual understanding, making niche interests less niche and giving marginalized voices in society a platform to express themselves. It has also become a forum for debating ideas and designs.

I hope that everyone can have their own customized mechanical keyboard!

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