VIAL Compatible for Wind X R2 and Wind X98

How to use VIAL on Wind X R2 or Wind X98(only wired version)?

You can get the VIAL GUI from here

①Download hex file for VIAL:

Wind X R2 hex file:

Wind X98 hex file:

②Use hex file to refresh the PCB 

There have two ways to refresh the PCB

1. Use YDKB tool to refresh

YDKB download (only can upload on our discord ):

Open YDKB, choose firmware, refresh firmware. 

Press the little button on the back of PCB to enter DFU mode.And then it will refresh successfully. Instead of press the button on the back of pcb, you can press ESC key, unplug USB-C cable, and then plug USB-C cable, release ESC key, wait a minute. And then it will also refresh successfully.

After refresh successfully, open VIAL, then it will show layout. 

2. Use QMK to refresh PCB

Refresh guide and QMK download:



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