The differences between mechanical keyboards used in different systems, Windows and macOS (Mac).

Last time, we discussed the difference between ordinary traditional keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Now, let's continue our discussion and explore the differences between mechanical keyboards used in different systems, Windows and macOS (Mac).

  1. Modifier Keys: The Mac keyboard has a Command (⌘) key located next to the spacebar, while Windows keyboards have a Windows logo key. The Command key is often used for keyboard shortcuts in Mac applications, whereas the Windows key is frequently used for system-level functions in Windows.

  2. Function Keys: The arrangement and functionality of function keys (F1-F12) can differ between Mac and Windows keyboards. Mac keyboards often include additional functions like media controls, brightness adjustment, and volume controls on the function keys. On Windows keyboards, the function keys are typically used for traditional functions, such as adjusting brightness, volume, or accessing system settings.

  3. Symbol and Character Placement: The placement of symbols and characters on specific keys may vary between Mac and Windows keyboards. For example, the "@" symbol is typically located on the "2" key on Windows keyboards, while on Mac keyboards, it is often accessed by pressing the Option (⌥) key and "2" simultaneously.

  4. Delete Key: Mac keyboards feature a dedicated "Delete" key, which functions as a backspace key on Windows keyboards. On Windows keyboards, the "Delete" key is typically located in the top-right corner and functions to delete characters to the right of the cursor.

  5. Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac and Windows systems have different sets of keyboard shortcuts for various functions. While some shortcuts may have similar purposes, they often utilize different modifier keys. Users switching between systems may need to familiarize themselves with the specific keyboard shortcuts for each operating system.

It's worth noting that many keyboards are compatible with both Mac and Windows systems and can be used interchangeably. However, the key labels and functions may not always align perfectly with the intended operating system. Additionally, some keyboards have switchable modes or software customization options that allow users to configure the keyboard for their preferred system.


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