How to use the bluetooth hotswap pcb for wind x98 by LDN

The simple introduction of wind x98 Buetooth hotswap PCB

The bluetooth switch is up to off,down to on(the switch is next to the capslock.).

If the bluetooth switch is on, but you plug the type c cable connect the keyboard, then it will use as wired automatically.

When the battery run out,it will remind on the right corner of the computer.

The bluetooth PCB is keymapped by LDN program.

1.You can download the LDN program on our website:

Open the “LDN exe”,click the keyboard list on the left side, and choose as attached.

2. The function layer 0 is the default layout,you can change the key for example.

Esc key change to B key:

Click the ESC key and it will pop up the function selection, choose B key, it need to save,  then press it can show B key.

3. The function layer 1-7 also can keymap, you can use the trigger layer key that switch to the function layer. For example, as attached default setting, it shows that if you press “ 97 right ctrol key” , it will switch to function layer 1 . Also you can change the key whatever you want so that can jump to function layer 0-7.


If I press the 96 key as below picture and save, then press the 96 key, it will switch to the function layer 1. The default setting is that press “ 97 right ctrol key” will switch to function layer 1.

4. There are total 8 connection bluetooth channels, each conection channel should pair one device. For example, 0 channels pair to your cellphone, 1 channel pair to your computer.

If you connected it wrong and do not know which device pair to which channels or find you can not connect bluetooth, you can delete all bluetooth device that you have connected, and then research the bluetooth.

How I delete all bluetooth device?

For example, as the below default settings in function layer 1, the F5 keys alreadly set that “ BLE DA”(delete all the bluetooth conection devices). So we press the “97 right ctrl key” (switch to function layer 1 ) and press the F5 key, it will delete all the bluetooth conection devices.

Also, F1 (BLE:H0) shows that switch to 0 bluetooth connection channel, F2(BLE:H1) shows that switch to 1 bluetooth connection channel. So press “97 right ctrl key” and F1 will switch to 0 bluetooth connection channel.

How do I set to switch the bluetooth connection channel as my references?

For example, choose a key and pop up the fucntion selection like this, and then save.

5.How do I set macro?

Simple for example, I want to set one key that press it will  “ctrl +P”

6. Choose one of it and can refresh the firmware, back to default settings.

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