Bluetooth Pairing/Using for WIND X R2 by LDN

How to connect bluetooth when first time use?

  • The bluetooth switch is up to on, down to off. Turn on the switch, make sure the battery well connected,do not need to connect USB-C cable,then you can find "LDN_BLE5_KB_0"  bluetooth on your device.
  • One bluetooth channel should connect one device(do not mix), for example, "LDN_BLE5_KB_0" connect your cellphone, then "LDN_BLE5_KB_1" should connect your computer.
  • When you plug USB_C cable with the keyboard, then it will use as wired automatically. The bluetooth device "LDN_BLE5_KB_0"can not be found.
  • The bluetooth PCB is keymapped by LDN program. You can download the LDN program:

Why I can not connect bluetooth or find "LDN_BLE5_KB_0"?

(It is better to check the bluetooth by your cellphone first, if the cellphone check the bluetooth is ok, the computer can not connect,then it may matters the computer,the bluetooth adapater.)

Check the problems step by step:

①Multiple connection channels paired to the same host result in bluetooth error.

Press FN( R_Ctrl) + TAB to delete all pairing information bluetooth, also delete the pairing on your cellphone or computer if connected previous, and then to check if can find "LDN_BLE5_KB_0" on your cellphone. Make sure this two key can trigger first.

Layer 1
②PCB problem

Do not connect the battery(unplug the battery), turn on the switch,open the LDN,to check if show 100% on upper right corner.

③Battery problem

Connect the battery, turn on the switch,open the LDN, check if show remaining battery on upper right corner. If show 0,pls charge the battery and then to check if can connect.


List of shortcuts

FN + 1 =F1
FN + 2 =F2
FN + 3 =F3
FN + 4 =F4
FN + 5 =F5
FN + 6 =F6
FN+ 7 =F7
FN+ 8 =F8
FN+ 9 =F9
FN+ 0 =F10
FN+ - =F11
FN+ = F12
FN+ Back Space =Light Switch
FN+ Tab =Delete all pairing information Bluetooth
FN+ Q =Bluetooth Host 0
FN+ W =Bluetooth Host 1
FN+ E =Bluetooth Host 2
FN+ R =Bluetooth Sleep
FN+ P =My PC
FN+ [= Home
FN+ ] =Back
FN+ \ = Forward
FN+ . =Calculator
FN+ Page Up = Volume Up
FN+ Page Down= Volume Down
FN+ Delete = Mute
FN+ Arrow Left= Previous Track
FN+ Arrow Right =Next Track


How to set the bluetooth sleep time?


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How do I set macro?

for example, I want to set one key that press it will  “ctrl +P”

How to refresh the firmware and back to default setting?

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