【Instock sale】Wind X98

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WIND X98 by wind studio

Join our discord server and watch out the instock/GB time, not miss any update! 

The time of Instock sale will be on 10th August 8:00 am to 17th August 8:00 am ( GMT +8:00)

The 400pcs instock sale payment will be on this our vendor: https://clickclack.io/

More detail link: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=117440.0


Keyboard kit wired version $320

Keyboard kit ble version $350

The shipping time: 2-4 weeks after the instock sale ended


Optional :

Switch Price(105pcs/set) 

$50/set/gateron cj

$80/set/gateron ink black

$50/set/gateron azure dragon

If only buy the switch , not buy the keyboard kit, the price will be add $15/set

then will be $65/set/gateron cj,$95/set/gateron ink black,$65/set/gateron azure dragon


Package includes(all pieces assembled):

1*X98 keyboard case(top case/middle case/bottom case)

1*1.2mm hot-swap PCB Wired or Bluetooth Version

1*1.5mm PC plate

1*Stand foot x 4pcs

1*USB Type C Daughterboard x 2PCS ( 1pcs spare)

1*X PVD logo

1*Silicone gasket


1*Foam kit(1mm poron + 2mm poron + 2mm hotswap foam + 0.5mm IXPE sheet + 3.5mm poron)

1*gateron ink stabilizer already lubed assembled on the PCB(only include 6*2U,1*6.25U)  

1*Brass weight(back)

1*Brass piece(front)


1*User guide

 Note: without keycap,the default layout is ANSI, it need to change sockets on the pcb hole for support ISO, 7U,stepped caplock.

We will start a GB sale ( no limited quantity but limited time) for x98 after this instock sale. There will be more color options,more plate options,more PCB options at GB

Check this link: