【Extras-Instock】WIND X98 Chamfered Edges Version

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Grey 445c + Rose
Grey 445c + Blue 288U
Grey 445c + Chocolate 4045UP
Product description

The Grey+Blue color will be instock during the peroid 10th April.



Bluetooth: $400

Shipping time: Within 3 working days

Package include(Different from X98 previous GB sale, the Gateron ink stabilizers are not inclued and the accessories will be not assembled, spearate in the gift package)

1* keybaord case(X logo, brass accent piece and weight ensembled)

1* wired or bluetooth pcb

1*PC plate( only pc plate available, support top and gasket)

1*foam kit


1*User guide

1* Stabilizers Shims

1*Screws bag

1*Silicone gasket

1*1.5MM/2.0MM hexagonal wrench

1*TOP accessories bag